Essay Graduation Speech : Drama Tech

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I set up my classes to be a bit easier in my first year of high school, as to allow some time for an adjustment period; and I do love occupational ed classes. So I decided to sign up for drama tech. Drama tech is an entire class dedicated to all technical aspects of theatre, such as building and painting the sets, advertising, running sound and lighting equipment, among other things. This class was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The freedom and responsibility that this class gives you is liberating beyond the capablity of mere words. You’re given a task, and told to complete it without any instruction beyond “make a 2 foot tall 4x4 platform”. It’s quite nice to finally have a clear purpose while i’m in drama tech. So after a few months of being in drama tech, I decided to help work one of the plays just to test the waters. I texted the number written on the board, and got a response that I should be there on saturday at “12:45ish?” to work house crew.
I arrived at “12:45ish” in what I normally wore to school and met my friends Sonja and Macy, followed by a couple greetings of “hey” distributed mutually. I approached Sonja and questioned “Are you working house crew too?”
“Yeah, I’ve been working all the plays so far”
“Really? Do you have any tips as to what I’m supposed to be doing? Because I have no idea.”
“Rachael should be here soon; she’ll assign jobs to people. By the way, do you have anything else you’re going to be wearing besides that?”
“What do you mean?”…

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