Essay on Graduation Speech : Commencement Speech

1021 Words Dec 9th, 2015 null Page
Commencement Day I purchased the perfect dress to celebrate one of the greatest accomplishments of my life, thus far. The dress was a fitted, asymmetrical, cream, and covered with large, woven, black roses, for which I worked extra hours at Abercrombie to just afford. Along with the extravagant dress, I purchased the perfect cream, strappy, open toed heels. The hair, nails, and makeup appointment were set. I was not the only one preparing for this day. My aunt had also gathered the most perfect accessories for my dress out of her massive jewelry collection. My Mother had been planning my commencement party for months to help me celebrate the day and one of my closest friends spent his entire senior year planning the most epic party for after the graduation ceremony. We had all been preparing for the day that I would say goodbye to high school and hello to adulthood. I did not realize what an enormous impact such a ceremony would have on me until the very day of my graduation ceremony had come. The day of my graduation ceremony began like any other school day. I got dressed at 5:30 and arrived at school at 7:00 for our class picture. I was so excited to see my friends again until I realized that none of them would be joining me on my journey to higher learning even though most of them were with me through elementary, middle, and high school. All of my friends would go to different cities, states, and some across the country. Once I realized this frightening and depressing…

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