Essay about Graduation Speech : College Of The Sequoias

1297 Words Dec 15th, 2016 6 Pages
Learning in life varies for everyone, so it makes sense as to why we have schools that teach kids from childhood all the way to adulthood. Just one semester of school can make a difference in your education as long as you pay attention in class. Throughout Fall of 2016 at College of the Sequoias, I have been taught many new strategies on how to write well thought-out essays when it comes to arguing about relevant topics. I can tell based on comparing my first essay to my final essay that my writing is a lot more coherent and understandable. Throughout this entire course of English 1, I have been aiming for an A as my final grade and the competence in my methods of research and reading, essay composition, and polishing and formatting can prove that. When it comes to taking your stance on an argument, the most important thing needed to keep standing for what you believe in is research. Without research, you can 't explain your ideas to your audience and they won 't be able to understand or care about your opinion on the topic in question. In my fourth argumentative paper, "A Peaceful War," I argue what the best approach is to solving the conflicts between the United States, Russia, and Syria. I give the audience some background knowledge on the current situation such as "the United States was a part of an 'accidental bombing of Syrian troops by the American-led coalition, ' which America admitted to thus creating more tension with Russia" ("A Peaceful War" 2). While it is…

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