Essay about Graduation Speech : Becoming An Effective Teacher

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The journey in becoming an effective teacher doesn’t end simply with earning a degree. Kramer states, “effective teachers need to commit themselves to being life-long learners” (Kramer, 2003). Teachers need to be lifelong learners in order to provide the best instruction and classroom atmosphere possible. There is always something to learn or knowledge to be refreshed as an educator. This week, through the use of the Garmston and Danielson articles, various websites, and organizations I was able to find new ways to focus on my professional development and furthering my knowledge in the field of education.
Garmston’s article Becoming Expert Teachers brings up the many aspects that make an effective teacher. By reviewing both Garmston’s stages of teacher development, the six knowledge areas of teachers and Danielson’s Framework for Teaching I have been able to reflect upon my current strengths and weaknesses. Based on my strengths in planning and preparation and considering my gaps in aspects of classroom management I feel comfortable saying that I am in the stage of a competent teacher. I have changed subject areas and the grade levels in which I teach so vastly over the past few years, I feel I have not had to opportunity to fully perfect my ideal teaching environment.
I am confident in my planning and preparation of the classroom as well as my commitments to communicating with parents. With having so many different classes and individual subjects being taught currently,…

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