Graduation Speech : Becoming An Educator Essay

1600 Words Apr 23rd, 2015 7 Pages
When I think about they type of career that I would want to peruse after college, I think about a job that focuses on working with and helping people succeed. There are many careers that focus and provide a wide variety of services to help people. One large career that focuses on helping people succeed is Education. As a college student, there are many part-time job opportunities for after school-tutoring programs provided for those who are interested. I am one of the many college students who have to opportunity work in a school setting. With my job I work as a tutor students and also a dance instructor. When I first began working with students I had my mind set that I would never want to peruse in a career like this, for I know how challenging it is to work with students. After five years of working with school programs and summer programs, my view with working with children changed dramatically. Now it seems like all of the reasons why I was so against becoming an educator are all the reasons why now I want to become one. I know teaching students can be challenging and for me I have worked with many different students from different ages to different learning styles and I feel that because I was able to find my niche and incorporate things that I love with my teaching style, I’ve begun to enjoy a career that I could see myself peruse in the future. As I mentioned before, I have worked with students of all ages and grade levels. Because I’ve had my experiences I found…

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