Graduation Speech : Becoming A First Year Essays

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Growing up, school has constantly been the top priority in my household. My parents have always wanted me to succeed and make something of myself. My mother had me when she was just fifteen years old, but she managed to graduate High School, to show me that anything is possible. With all the support I knew that when I walked across the stage to receive my diploma it would be the most memorable thing in my life. Just like the day I saw my mother walk across that stage to receive her diploma. Nevertheless, going to college often allows people to ‘make something of themselves’. In this case I knew that I needed to attend college. Choosing to become a first year, first generation student was a tough decision. I always had the thought to not attend college since all my family members had survived and are doing well without attending college.
Walking across the stage at my high school graduation, had been the moment I knew I reached just the peak of my academic success. I had always dreamt of graduation day and when the day finally came, I knew all my hard work and dedication had finally paid off. I proved to myself that all the sleepless nights finally paid off and that I can become successful. High school was always a struggle for me personally, I always felt so out of place. It’s hard to get an education when every other student is so different. But, with the support of my friends and family, I knew that anything can be possible. Therefore, my main focus while in High School…

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