Graduation Speech : A Future Essay

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A Future Present
Whenever I wanted to get my mother a present, she would always reply with " The greatest gift you can give me is a good future”. Keeping my mother 's words in mind, I allowed them to guide and mold me throughout all of my pursuits in high school. Whether it be volunteering, becoming a part of a national winning DECA team, or my advance-placed academics, I always gave it my all to succeed .
During my freshman year, I decided to place myself in all honors courses. At first, I wasn 't prepared for what an honors course entailed. I assumed it was similar to the advance courses I had taken in my middle school years. This wasn’t the case. These classes required large periods of study outside of class, and a great deal of attitude learning the materials. I had possessed the raw talent necessary to understand the information; unfortunately, I was too immature to realize the necessary time commit an honors course required. I knew if I did not change my study habits, I would not be able to handle my classes. With hard work and dedication, along with my teachers help, I was able to regain focus in my lessons and improve my test scores. Furthermore, I was forced to improve my time management skills due to all the volunteering and club meetings I participated in after school. With the assistance of my family at home and at school, I was able to balance my course-work along with my extra-curricular activities; allowing me to maintain my grades while volunteering on my…

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