Teenage Abortion Essay

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Abortion--should the government monitor it, or how should the government be involved? What laws should exist for teenage abortions? etc.

In 2014’s world society is still having problems with acceptance of abortion. It should be noted that each woman has the basic right to choose for herself, free from government obstruction, whether to have a fetus removal. Even though numerous individuals are stating abortion is murder, it is a woman 's entitlement to pick what she does with her body because it ought not be adjusted or impacted by any other individual or institution and restrictions about abortion are leading to a major issue on human rights and freedom.

First of all, in a world, which we are speaking about global human rights, each individual
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If the main concern of the people who are against abortion is the life of an unborn baby, maybe they should start to thinking about the life of a young woman. What about the life of a teenager who get pregnant unintentionally or inadvertently? In my opinion, saving a young woman’s future is more logical than to save the life of an unborn child. Even the unborn child’s future will be saved this way. It would not be born as an unwanted baby. Furthermore, taking responsibility of a vulnerable newborn cannot be expected from a teenager who is unable to have responsibility for birth …show more content…
No one has the authority to interfere someone else 's decisions about her own life and health, regardless of religion, morality and the idea of majority. As Albert Camus said “Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better...”. In my opinion, in the terms of liberty and human rights today each institution and individual has to be susceptible about a subject that mostly delicate for a woman’s life. It should not be forgotten that regardless of age and country no one wants to be through a traumatic experience of loosing a

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