Gothic Creative Writing Story Essay examples

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The burning began at the earliest hour. His majesty, king of Otranto watched unsatisfied as the roaring flames licked over what was once the purest of white roses. All composure lost at but a petal unlit, he left no rose in his entire kingdom with even the dignity of coal before dismantling to ash, until alas, they were sealed to their fiery fate. The winds were still now, not even the tweak of a tree for encouragement nor the bravery of a whisper of the surrounding men as they watched in due apprehension to break the stillness. All that remained were the plumes of billowing exhaust tracing upwards into the air, and King Warner, as he watched from his throne until the smog faded into the midst. By dawn the white roses, together with any …show more content…
Her porcelain face pulsated in his thoughts with every movement, her enchanting lips romanced with his entire being. Itch, itch, itch. No longer were there shadows. Only blackness surrounded the peasant now as he clawed at the flesh of his forearms, pulling at the shriveled skin until blood oozed out the veins. Thrill. Every jolt of pain brought with it an eagerness that swarmed deliciously inside him. Little could he become accustomed to the sensation that menacingly expanded within the juices of his organs, so amiably complimenting his new found desire. And so he continued. Red seeped from the chunks of his hands as he gashed at the folds of his bony thumb with his jagged teeth. Deeper he bit. His eyes became glossy, now etched on his crimson creation, a puddle of allure as his insides trickled from his torso onto the cold stone floor. Drip, drip, drip. Little was there a difference between his baiting blood and the princess’ thick, red locks now. He charged his tongue to the ground, slurping at the blood, feeling Uliana inside of him. Her fiery redness pierced his soul with every slurp, wanting her more and more within his grasp as he gulped and gulped. Twitch. He began convulsing, convulsing with a thrill that would allow him to endure any pain. His breaths became more and more shallow with every slurp that entered him until finally, they ceased. He

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