Got Milk Might Not Be Doing You Much Good Analysis

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“Got Milk? Might Not Be Doing You Much Good” Summary Response

Milk is a hot debate topic in today’s society; there is no right way to say milk is good or bad. It seems like that there is a common feature that people from all different cultures like drinking milk. Human is the only mammal on the earth that still drinking milk after childhood. Milk advertisements are attracted too many people, they say that there are lots of nutrients contain in the milk, such as Vitamin D, calcium and protein. These advertisements let people believe that milk can give people a healthier body. Certainly, there is many people like to drink milk, also a bunch of people does not like to drink milk. Some of them never drinking milk because of they do not like the taste of milk or they are lactose intolerant, some are never drinking it because of they do not believe milk has that much benefits like the milk commercials say. According to the article “Got Milk? Might Not Be Doing You Much Good”, Found in The New York Times, Carroll (2014) wrote that milk is not as good as milk commercials say. Even though the US Department of Agriculture suggests that adults should drink at least 3 cups of milk per day, too much milk may be cause harm for people’s health. Milk advertisings always tell customers that calcium and Vitamin D in milk is good for bones. However, there is a
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We cannot say that milk is bad, that is indeed not a truth, but the truth is drinking too much milk is not good for health and there are many evidences can prove it. In Carroll’s article, he mentions that many people drink milk because of the nutrition of milk. However, nutrition like Vitamin D, protein and calcium are all can get from many other vegetables and fruits. Milk is not that good like milk commercials describe, moderation is the best way to do with drinking

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