Goshenland Spice Case Study

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Welcome to Goshenland Gourmet.
Goshenland, a connoisseur of spice world prepares different spicy dishes for everyone to enjoy. Goshenland Gourmet provides our customers with varied choices of delicacies to relish. An overview of the spices catalogs used to prepare and serve is given below:
All Spices: These spice trees are of medium size. The spices are used priority wise for domestic use, berry oils, extraction oleoresin and find wide use in pharmaceutical as well as the perfume trades.
Aniseed: A spice that smells pleasant and taste well. It finds its main use in flavourant, culinary, household, cosmetic and medicinal preparations. Fruits of this spice are generally used in preparing flavored gravies, breads, soaps, cheese cakes, and many more. The spice is anti-bacterial, anti -fungal, anti-oxidant, stimulant, carminative and expectorant.
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A popular ingredient in flavoring gravies, sauces, and pickles.
Basil: Leaves of this plant have numerous oil glands with a pleasant aroma. All dried leaves and four sided stems are added menu for flavoring and extraction of essential oil. It also finds extensive use in seasoning tomato paste products. It is widely used for insecticides as well as bactericides.
Bay leaf: A leaf of an evergreen shrub is glabrous and shiny. Bay leaves have wide spread use in soups, meat, fish sauces and confectionaries. Can act as a flavoring agent and as traditional medicine.
Bishops weed: A genuine weed that serves as relief for digestive system, abdominal constipation and infection. Traditionally, powdered seeds are soaked in milk to feed

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