Google Sniper: A Case Study

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Overview of Google Sniper

Google Sniper teaches you how to make money online by becoming an affiliate to websites like Clickbank. An Affiliate is people who advertise the product for the vendor and earn a commission which is a percentage from the product sold. The website Clickbank is one of many affiliate favorite website due to the high commission that can be earn. The commission rate is usually around 50% to 75% of the products being sold. Google Sniper mainly gives you an overview of how the whole marketing system works and teaches you how to sell products the correct way.

Google Sniper Scam?Google Sniper Scam?

To know if it is a scam or not is really up to the person who bought it. The reason it is up to preference, because some people
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The cost depends on where you buy the website from. You need a host account in which you can upload files to your domain. This may sound complicated, but it’s really not. The most cheapest and effective place to buy a host and domain is from here. Ipage gives you a great deal which cost me around $47 for 1 year and the domain cost me around $9.99 for a year for the .org and .net. The .com domain is the expensive one which is $15.99 for a year.

Google Sniper Conclusion?Is Google Sniper a scam?

In my preference this is a good guide for people who are new to internet marketing and selling, because it gives you the general idea of back linking a site and how to pick your website domain. Google Sniper is not for people who are new to computer as you have to have some general idea of sighing up for accounts and learning how upload files. Check out Google Sniper on the link here if you are interested.

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Google Sniper Review – Do you need to know coding?

Posted by Christopher on 28 August 2013, 12:58
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You have to sign in with your Gmail to get the full benefit of Keyword tools
Go to “Search for keyword and ad group ideas” on the “Your product and service” this is where you type in the keyword that you are competing at for example “how to lose weight”
When you click search it shows you a broad view of all the keyword which is not what we want. You have to change broad to phrase. To do this you have to click on the grey pencil icon on the bottom of the “at all” tab
It will show you a list of keyword and the amount of people searching it. You can go to Google and type in “how to lose weight” with the quotation mark. This will show you the amount of competition you have.If you are interested you can check out the link

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