Differences Between Web And B2C Website

For a website to shine above the competition, it is essential that you hire a custom web design and development team. In addition to the basic design requirements, these professionals know how to customize your site, depending upon whether it is designed for use by consumers or other businesses. While both require a site that is easy to use and comprehend, business to business, or B2B, demands a site polished to convey more technical data than that of a business to consumer, or B2C website. The following shows the primary differences between the two types of sites:

1. Integration Levels

With a B2C site, the content can often stand alone without connection to other parts of the company or external websites. However, B2B models must often link
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However, when business customers log in they deserve a display based upon their historical preferences rather than your entire catalog. You can also have the custom web design and development team integrate portions of your infrastructure, such as your distribution and supply center.

2. Payment and Account Differences

Your consumer based website can use a simple shopping cart that allows for easy placement and removal of desired products. A "save for later" or "wish list" allows them to mark items that they are considering for future purchase. Customers feel at ease with a cart that is similar to that of other shopping sites. The payment options are straight forward and are made at the time of the transaction. In addition to credit cards, you may want to include Paypal as an option.

Unlike consumers, your B2B visitors may negotiate prices depending upon the size of their order and other logistical matters. Also, payments are generally reserved until after the products have been received. Your custom web design and development can include automated invoices based upon pre-arranged payment
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Concise details that convey the information relevant to the business needs is preferable for your business based sales. Because various members of their team may be viewing your site content to determine if your products meet their requirements, it is vital that you have the proper data available for each of them.

5. Feelings vs. Facts

Your site for consumers needs to have emotional appeal. The colors, fonts and general design ought to inspire trust and a sense of familiarity. By utilizing pathos effectively in your site content, you can decrease the bounce rate of your pages and increase your conversion numbers. Individuals are often swayed by their emotions when making purchases and then seek facts to support their decisions. Your custom web design and development specialist can assist with proper color psychology and related factors that improve the emotional comfort consumers experience when at your site.

However, your B2B content needs to focus on reasoning and facts. Implement inductive and deductive reasoning techniques when possible to sway the various members of a business team to select your company over a competitor. If you make claims regarding the effectiveness of your products or services, back them up with hard

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