Speedy Checkout Reflection Paper

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The traditional way of checking out is currently waiting in line to access a self-checkout machine or have a cashier help you. The process of completing a transaction typically adds a reasonable amount of time people spend at the front of the store. People across the world continue to wait in long lines. People shop at a minimum of once a month for food. The main issue many people dislike about shopping is waiting in line and trying to find the correct items. My disruptive technology is to have a mobile application that provides store customers the convenience of checking out on their mobile device without having to reach for their wallet or wait in a line to check out. The disruptive technology, Speedy Checkout, would revolutionize the way …show more content…
In my experience I had only worked on small implementation of a website before and had never built a website prior to this. For this project, I decided to take a different route and purchased my own domain from goDaddy and got that setup. This was beneficial to me because I learned what accounts and features were available. Furthermore, the process of getting the website going wasn’t as complicated as I had originally thought. The class labs did help me better understand how to get started and what was needed in order to make a successful website. I would say the hardest part was getting Photoshop working for me as I did not know what to originally do. I used a few plug ins for the website. They were “Contact Form 7”, “DQ Question Answer”, “WP Job Manager”, and “Email Subscription Popup” to name a few. I used these plugins because they would help customers reach out to the developers. Either by providing contact info, email for subscriptions, or Q&A forums. The plugins help the developers with more information from the businesses. In addition, the first plugin “Email Subscription Popup” will display the first time a person logs onto the website. Overall, the project was a fun but challenging project to work on and I am glad I had to opportunity to create an idea and then build a website for

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