Google Innovation and New Product Management Essay

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In this report, researcher will be answering two different questions from the assignment. First, the researcher will discuss and suggest some feasible application considerations when developing a new product development strategy for Google Glass. The information which included will be elaborated and discuss with examples. Next question, researcher will illustrate how Google Glass better manage innovation within the organization to stay ahead of its competitor in the industry? The information in question related will be discussed and elaborated in paragraph form. For conclusion, the researcher will be made after the two questions completely done. Final conclusion will be conducted with ways to improve and ideas to put into Google …show more content…
In the other hand, Google Company is the first company which produces Google glass which has the technology and innovation other does not have it. It will helps on produce profits and leading with the new product development. Besides that, there will be customers aiming the new product developed by Google indeed others do not produce any similar product yet.
Ongoing Technology Management
The other consideration will be the ongoing technology management. It will be competitors if the company keeps producing products like smartphone and tablet. Google company come with new idea which is introducing Google glass which other company still do not have any similar product development yet. It is a smart idea and creative idea which other companies do not have yet. So, it will be a hot product if it came with latest technology and innovation.
They need to compete with other competitors by introducing their new technology and functionalities to launch in the market. Google glass is the product that does not have any competitor yet and it will be the first product that will be introduce to the public with such technologies. Multi-Dimensional Concept
Multi-Dimensional concept product is the development of new product such as brand name, quality specifications, pricing, packaging, featuring, technology, and level of services. For Google Company, there will be technology and innovation focusing in a product development. "Google" is a well-known

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