Golden Retriever Essay

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The Golden Retriever’s intelligence, temperament and athleticism make it the classic family companion.
One of the top five smartest dogs in the world, Golden Retrievers are extremely intelligent and easy to train. The Golden Retrievers' intelligence makes them a versatile breed and allows them to fill a variety of roles – common ones being guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, hunting dogs, detection dogs, and search and rescue participants.They are people-pleasers and will do anything for a bit of praise and some food. This makes them an excellent choice for first-time dog owners. A well trained golden retriever can learn up to two hundred verbal commands, many non verbal commands and even instructions given with a whistle or
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They are lovable, well-mannered, intelligent dogs with a great charm. Golden Retrievers make good family pets because they love everyone, and get along well with new people and strange dogs. They are always patient and gentle with children.The typical Golden Retriever is calm, naturally intelligent and biddable, and with an exceptional eagerness to please. Energetic and loving, Golden Retrievers enjoy pleasing their masters, so obedience training can be very rewarding. Their trusting, gentle disposition makes them a poor guard dog, but if you are looking for a dog that will not eat your cat, a golden retriever is just the right dog for the job.
The Golden Retriever's athleticism and eagerness to please has made it a consistent, top performer in the obedience and agility rings. Its excellent swimming ability also makes it proficient at dock jumping. A natural retrieving ability means it is also competitive in fly ball and field trials. Hunters find them to be reliable bird dogs, and their keen sense of smell and desire to work alongside people makes them sought-after narcotics sniffers. They are talented at hunting, tracking, retrieving, narcotics detection, agility, competitive obedience and performing

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