Golden Krust Case Study

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Introduction It is a known fact that a happy workplace environment leads to happier employees which in turn leads to a more productive and innovated business (1). Golden Krust is a fairly new company that specializes in Jamaican Cuisine. Within in their first year, Golden Krust has had a very steady flow of business and has made a name of having the best Jamaican food in the area. Despite this aspect of success, the sole negative issue that is plaguing this company is the behavior of the staff. Customers and employees alike have complained on numerous occasions about the conduct of the employees. Due to the fact that this is their only issue, it would be wise to spend a considerable amount of time and resources tackling this problem.

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The limitations of this report is fact that I do not have the general attitude of the employees toward a reform of behavioral policies. While employees complain about incidents of negativity, no employee has ever demanded for something to be done or changed.

Current Behavior Issues Recently, Golden Krust has receive an abnormal amount of complaints on one single subject: the performance of the employees. While all employees are hard workers and finish the tasks that are assigned to them each day, the relationships between co-workers are very fragile and are often harmed. The three areas that cause friction are the bullying of co-workers, inappropriate language and behavior, and issues pertaining to confidentiality.
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Employees are allowed to be themselves and have fun. While that is a great attribute for a company to have, there are negative aspects that come with it. When a person is comfortable, many actions and words slip out when the person isn’t being conscious of their surroundings. These words and actions can be very inappropriate for the work place environment. The main problems in behavior and language that need to be dealt with are sexism and homophobia. Every day something sexism, homophobic or crude is spewed out of an employee’s mouth. Female workers are referred to as “baby”, “baby girl”, “sweetie”, “honey”, “pretty girl” , etc.… instead of their birth or preferred names. A lot of women find this is be very patronizing and unsuitable. If a person does not give you permission to call you something other than what they introduced themselves, then you should abide by that fact. Another important notion on the topic of sexism, is the fact that woman are not allowed to be a part of the kitchen staff. Out of the eight women who work in the restaurant, not one is allowed to work in the back of the restaurant doing jobs such as cooking and food prep. When I asked what the reason was behind this, I was told verbatim that if there were women working in the back, men would not be able to concentrate on their tasks, even if the woman was unattractive. So what that means is: not only is the

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