Essay on Going Organic Is Better For The World

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Going organic is better for the world altogether, whether it be for biodiversity, for the economy, for the people.Many studies out there show that going organic is a great life choice that everyone should make. According to some up to date research, the chemicals being sprayed on our crops can harm us mentally and physically. This includes animals and insects that help pollinate the Earth. There are various types of chemicals that affect everyone differently in a negative way. Out of all the human population, children are the most susceptible to being poisoned by the chemicals. In 2002 over sixty-nine thousand children were poisoned in the U.S. due to poor safety conditions.
Farmers are put in more danger than the rest of us, because they are constantly exposed to the chemicals they spray on their crops. Even though they try to be careful while using these toxic chemicals, studies show that farmers who use pesticides are much more likely to get cancer than farmers who do not choose to ride on the pesticide train. The World Health Organization claimed that every year two-hundred twenty thousand farmers die from pesticide use worldwide. Even the Environmental Protection Agency, created to protect the Earth from hazardous chemicals and practices, can’t be trusted. After an EPA evaluation of Sulfoxaflor, they deemed it a harmless chemical. Suddenly, the bee population began to decrease. Scientists then put two and two together and concluded that Sulfoxaflor was extremely…

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