Why Organic Farming Is Better Than Organic Food

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Why it is that organic food is a better choice than non-organic food? The descriptive term Organic is a new idea that popped up in the 1940 's when J.I Rodale started a magazine called Organic Gardening and Farming, but it did not really become popular until the 1960 's. In 1962, Rachel Carson wrote a book called Silent Spring. In Silent Spring she talked about a pesticide, named DDT.DDT was a dangerous pesticide used to kill mosquitoes in the 1960 's. After Rachel Carson wrote that book, most people started really thinking about what they ate. Organic farming uses mostly traditional and natural methods to produce its food. Organic food is best for consumers because it is less harmful to the environment, to animals, to and humans.

First, Organic food is best for the environment because organic farming uses fewer chemicals that pollute our air, water, and soil. Organic food is best for the environment
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Organic farming is better for farmworker’s health because they are not inhaling as many dangerous chemicals. Organic farming is better for consumer’s health because the food is more nutritious and there are fewer chemicals in the food. Organic food has a lot more nutritious in them than non-organic food. Organic fruits such as strawberries, kiwi, and oranges have higher levels of vitamin C and antioxidants than non-organic fruits. Organic food has higher-level vitamins because the food is not drenched in harmful chemical, so the nutritious is not really losses. Another reason why organic food is better is that it taste Better. Organic food taste a lot better than non-organic because it is fresher. Organic food is not riding on a truck for a week or more to get to the store. In other words, if consumers want food that taste better, that is healthier for them, and that is safer for the people growing the food than organic food is the best

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