Hosanna Organics Business Plan

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Hosanna Organics Business Plan
Despite the fact that people eat for strength and have a full stomach, loads of other individuals are always cool with foods that will make them stay healthy at all times. This forms the benefits of eating organic food. Organic foods ae cultivated without the use of any chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, and Genetically Modified Organisms. Hosanna Organics aims at offering organic food at an affordable rate to Kenyans.
To come up with an organic food store that will provide healthy choices to the residents of Kenya
The Vision
Hosanna Organics will offer healthy food choices to the population of the foreign country called Kenya. The store will not only sell organic food, but also
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The establishment will comprise of a Food Store and a restaurant extension. Any change of the rules of the company will be made through a formal consent while at the same time Board of Directors should authorize it. A general manager who will be reporting to the Board on a day-to-day implementation of all the policies and strategies will head the company.
Foreign Market
The entry in a foreign market will be of great benefits to the company. Since it is a small company, it will grow through the exploration of the new opportunities in the foreign market. The benefit of the foreign market is offering a head start in developing the clientele base. Kenya was the ultimate choice for the establishment since it is a country where most of the food sold is not because of intensive farming. The country, which has a population of 44.35 million people and a GDP of 55.24 billion, is a good choice for the business. Additionally, the country has a vibrant society made up of young Kenyans. The target population of the young Kenyans will play a critical role in the formation of the potential market base for the products sold. Additionally, sourcing of the organic food products will be easy since most of the farmers use non-invasive food production techniques in their
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One such way is Piggybacking. This will involve taking advantage of already set up ventures like Nakumatt, Tuskys or even Uchumi supermarkets that are already well established into the Kenyan market. This will eventually minimize the risk as well as the costs because essentially we will be selling domestically and the larger firms will be marketing our products internationally.
Our business will be set up within these huge companies, capturing the huge traffic of customers that visit these ventures on daily basis. This strategy will shield us from the risk of customers failing to purchase our products because of their lack of faith in the products we sell.
An alternative to this approach would be licensing; essentially this is a fall back plan for the aforementioned strategy. This will involve transferring the rights of use of our products to other firms in the Kenyan market. Our focus in this will be purchasers with a relatively larger market share in the market than we

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