Corporate Strategy Of Kellogg Company

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This report focuses on the corporate strategy of Kellogg Co, the scope of the firm and the company’s Strategic position.
Kellogg Co manufactures and distributes a variety of packaged food. The company has transformed in recent years from being primarily a cereal company to being a cereal, snacks and frozen foods company. Kellogg Co continues to expand and present new food ideas in response to the forever changing global trends. Kellogg Co sells its products in over 180 countries and manufactures in 18. Its strong brands of breakfast cereals includes Coco Pops, Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies and Special K. Kellogg Co provides both regional and global brands, They produce their products in response to consumer’s needs, such as increasing
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Become the number one breakfast cereal
2. Become a global snacks leader
3. Expand frozen foods
4. Win in emerging markets
5. Achieve Responsible sourcing
In 2012 Kelloggs announced a 4-year plan (Project K) to make improvements in the supply chain cost base. The aim of this project is to simplify work and innovation processes so that the main focus of the Kellogg team worldwide can be on producing and selling great food, the project also is expected to generate significant savings which will be reinvested into the company to enable growth and help renew their position as a category growth leader.
With the success of the Pringles acquisition in 2012, Kellogg’s increased its presence in sweet and savory snacks, Pringles has also given Kellogg’s a supply and commercial presence in emerging regions. Kellogg’s Co.’s joint venture with Wilmar will help sustain their presence in the sweet and savoury market, allowing Kelloggs a chance to build on its modest presence.
Kellogg’s also plan to reduce the environmental impacts of their production facilities and conserve natural resources in the areas where their food is produced by reducing energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, use of water, waste to landfill by the end of
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In March 2001, The Keebler Company was acquired by the Kellogg Company. Kellogg’s decided to apply the Keebler approach and use the direct-to-store distribution method, saving time in introduction of new products and upping revenues.
Kellogg’s has a diverse amount of suppliers, which provides business opportunities for these suppliers, while strengthening their own company at the same time. Kellogg’s provides smallholders and woman farmers opportunities with the intent of improving their livelihoods. Kellogg’s engage in these partnerships to maintain the conservation of natural resources where they source and produce their foods. And they then use the stories generated from these efforts to connect with their consumers, “transparently sharing the journey of our food from the farms to their homes”. Kelloggs (2014)
Kellogg’s are currently in the process of carrying out a 4 year plan that was announced in 2012 to make improvements in the supply chain cost base. The aim of this project is to simplify work and innovation processes. Kelloggs will achieve this by increasing their vertical

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