God 's Existence Of God Essay

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Existence of God
The argument about Gods existence is one of the most exploited subjects among different scholars and philosophers in the world. It is a question that most people have been defeated to tackle in the sense that, no significant evidence has been set to dispute or acknowledge the fact that God exists. In this context, it is still an ongoing process, and therefore different people have set different explanations. To most individuals and religious groups in the world, the existence of God is based on a strong innate faith that makes them believe in the existence of God. On the other hand, various non-believers have tried to question the existence of God through logical reasoning. This case study will focus on the different evaluation of the developed argument about the existence of God. In the event of this study, the explanation of god 's existence will take a two deamination approaches. In this case, it will evaluate all the reasoning and theories that explain God 's existence and contrast them with the ideas that are disputing the fact of the existence of God. Proofs for the existence of God Since the development of human generation, the belief in one Devine being was adopted in various societies and cultures. Different cultures and communities believed that there is one all-powerful person who controls the activities of in the earth which to some extent are beyond human control. Such…

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