Essay on God 's Big Picture By Vaughan Roberts

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The book God 's Big Picture is a 167-page book written by Vaughan Roberts and published by IVP Books. The sub title to this book is “Tracing the story line of the Bible”. I believe Roberts does a fair job at accomplishing this task. The key to tracing the story line of the bible is to look at it outside the box and in big picture view hence the title. Roberts narrows the bible down to a few key points and sub points. The bible both old and new testament have a pattern that Roberts expands on. This pattern is the kingdom pattern. You can see that the bible overall has 8 kingdom time-lines. Within each of these 8 kingdom time-lines you will see the different types of God 's people in God 's place under God 's rule and blessings. This is very important to being able to see the ultimate vision for the bible and all of its books. Roberts wants the reader at the end to be able to determine what kingdom period they are reading and from there know where that sits in the overall scheme of God 's plan for a perfect kingdom. Throughout the book Roberts also touches on the correlation between his son Jesus Christ and the past and future promises God makes to his people. The first chapter breaks down the pattern of the kingdoms. This is the shore line that the rest of the kingdoms follow. In the pattern of the kingdom Roberts starts by giving the reader the base for the 3 major aspects of each kingdom. In this chapter God 's people are Adam and Eve as stated in…

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