Essay about Goals and Objectives for a Security Organization

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Goals and Objectives for a Security Organization

A company has many different sectors that all together create well maintained organization. Security is just a part of the organization. Some companies use Contract Security, which is where the role of security personnel is contracted out to a third party. Others use Proprietary Security, which is where the role of security personnel is hired from within the company. This would be a better choice for a long term security job. The security personnel are trained within the company and better know how to do the tasks placed at hand. A contracted security company would be a good choice if the organization was set up for such as a short term event, like a carnival or fair, public event
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The law says that you are innocent until proven guilty. The problem with our law system is criminal get away with murder because they can afford a good lawyer. If there is only substantial evidence or the chain of evidence is broken a criminal can get away on a technicality.

A positive to operational security is the resources there allocated in order to complete tasks that protect and lower cost for the organization. In house security of proprietary security has a positive to the organization through loyalty to the company, especially when there an employee of the company and receive all of the company perks and benefits. The tasks at hand are more important to personnel who care about what happens to the organization. A negative within the proprietary security would be if the company hires and trains personnel and that person leaves or gets fired. The organization has a loss in cost of training that person as well as training new security personnel. Having an outsource security to do small things is a positive in most cases; the problem with contract security is they are paid by the highest bidder.

Failure to security in an organization can create a chain of events that lead to more costs as well as time and money already lost. Some security task is dealing with protecting a target. If the target is not securely maintained it can mean ruins for the target. Completing a security task involves knowledge of the surroundings, target, event, or whatever the

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