Goals And Motivation Of A Team Essay

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Goals and motivation were a significant influence in my team’s processes. The most crucial influence on how the process turned out was the group’s vague goals. I would provide instances where vague goals left members without a clear direction and led to miscommunication about the work mechanisms. I would address how the low group identification led to the contributions mimicking each other across the board. I would provide examples of when the low group motivation was evident. The combination of nonspecific goals and low group motivation created a team process that hindered a greater group performance.
In our initial meeting, our first task was to set up a team contract. It was our first time interacting with each other. In this activity, we had to draw up goals. We had to assign general responsibilities for each member. We had to discuss expectations for our group. The professor warned us that teams with detailed contracts do better. Despite this warning, our group drafted a vague team contract. We did not set up an extensive discussion on grade expectations. We did not share our individual goals for the written report. The following exchange was meaningful to the team’s processes. This was meaningful because no one dared to further name a specific goal, much less a difficult goal. They did not want to disturb the team cohesiveness that was forming. Student A asked, “What grade are we aiming for in this group?” Student B replied jokingly, “Clearly not an…

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