Analysis: The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team

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When one works with a team, you should assume that not everything will go as according to plan. Whether it is a lack of trust, a lack of commitment, or a lack of responsibility, you must always anticipate a possible conflict in your group. In this book “The five dysfunctions of a team,” written by Patrick Lancing, we will learn five major dysfunctions of a team. These dysfunctions are the absence of trust, avoiding accountability, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, and inattention to results.
Absence of Trust
Trust is important to the well-being of a team. You need to be able to trust your coworkers with their part of the job. The trust required to make a great team is the kind of trust that makes you vulnerable to one another
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As long as some team members believe that conflict is unnecessary, there is little chance that it will occur. Members of teams that tend to avoid conflict must occasionally assume the role of a miner who is the member of a team who extracts buried disagreements within the team. It would be wise to assign one of these arbiters before each team meeting.
In the process of mining for conflict, team members need to make sure not to retreat from healthy debate. One easy way to do this is to recognize when the people engaged in conflict are becoming uncomfortable, and then interrupt to remind them that what they are doing is important. There is also the Thomas-kilman instrument, which allows team members to understand the natural inclinations around conflict so they can make decisions about which approaches are the best depending on the situation.
It is important that leaders demonstrate restraint when their workers engage in conflict, and allow resolution to occur naturally, although it may sometimes come out messy. A leader’s ability to personally model appropriate conflict behavior is essential. By avoiding conflict when it is necessary and productive, something many executives do, a team leader will encourage this dysfunction to
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They realize that it is better to make a decision boldly and be wrong, and then change direction, than it is to waste time. How does a team go about ensuring commitment? They can do this by taking specific steps to maximize clarity and achieve buy in, and by resisting consensus and an over reliance on certainty.
The first thing that should be done is that at the end of a staff meeting or off-site, a team should review the key decisions made during the meeting and agree on what needs to be told to employees or other details about those decisions. Another good tool for ensuring commitment is to use clear deadlines for when decisions will be made and honor those dates. It is also important to note that a team that struggles with commitment can overcome this problem by briefly discussing back up plans up front or clarify the worst-case scenario for a decision they are struggling to

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