Essay on Gmo 's Are Controversial Negative And Not Worth The Risk

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GMO’s are genetically modified organisms. They are used with the purpose of improving current foods. Currently over 90% of America’s corn, and soybeans crop is a GMO. In addition, scientist, farmers and consumers are worried about the effects of GMO’s. Genetically modified organisms effect the crops, the environment, animals and even our bodies. Overall GMO’s are controversial negative and not worth the risk. A little over twenty years ago “in 1994, the genetically engineered tomato first appeared in American grocers’ fruit and vegetable aisles. Since then, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have proliferated in the U.S. food supply” (Hemphill, 2014). In 2015, the Food and Drug Administration released reports that stated “that 70–80 percent of the processed foods that American consumers eat today contain plants that have been genetically engineered” (Hemphill, 2014). GMO’s pose severe risks to those who suffer with allergies (Lack, 2002). Henceforth, food allergies affect “only individuals with an abnormal immunologic response to food--6% of children and 1.5-2% of adults in the United States” (Bernstein, 2003). Sadly genetically modified food in the last 20 years have caused increased health problems in the lives of American men women and children. For example if a protein from the peanut is added to corn, a person who previously was never allergic to corn may now become allergic to it. This is a very serious matter especially for children. Millions of schools…

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