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The current common proposal that “bigger is better” moves scientists toward the production of GMOs. A GMO is a genetically modified organism, and it plays a significant role in the world today. The purpose of genetically modifying organisms, such as some corn, wheat, and strawberries, is to create food that always grows into one with great taste and large numbers of vital nutrients in comparison to non GMOs. Nowadays, more and more food contains genetically modified organisms, and it is becoming a big topic of discussion. The process of the production of GMOs is extremely precise and well thought out, but with all the great benefits, there are flaws and problems associated with them as well.
Although the creation of GMOs is completed
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One of the biggest achievements of GMOs is the increase in good health. GMOs are modified to contain a great amount of additional nutrients to improve the daily diet of humans. Some people struggle to consume all of the vital nutrients for the body, and therefore suffer from deficiencies. Fortunately, GMOs are modified to contain a lot of these nutrients that mainly cause these health issues. The increased intake of important nutrients in humans has overall decreased the amount of people suffering from health problems related to lack of nutrients. Studies have proven that the genetically modified organisms also have decreased the total amount of deaths due to anemia, zinc deficiency, vitamin A deficiency, and other food deficiencies. The improvement of nutrients in food is not only beneficial for those lacking nutrients but for all humans. The production of GMOs can lead to a great improvement of overall health all over the world …show more content…
The production process requires serious precision, and it takes great lengths of time and money to research and prepare safe and good quality organisms. Along with the length of time it takes to perfect a genetically modified crop, it also takes a great deal of time to get the final product authorized by the government; often it takes years to be able to put the food on the market. All of the time researches consume on creating GMOs and getting them authorized is very expensive. Another downfall to GMOs is that they are modified to have similar properties of a pesticide. This is supposed to take the place of adding chemicals to a crop to kill and keep pets away, but unfortunately insects are slowly evolving into insects that are resistant to the toxins in the organisms. This immunity that insects are building up to the implanted pesticide in GMOs is defeating the purpose of crops having this specific toxin to keep bugs away. The resistance in the insects to is only minor, but overtime more and more bugs will be able to withstand the pesticides and will be able to kill crops. Another issue contributing to the problems with GMOs is the media. With all of the false and true information broadcasted on GMOs, it is hard to know what to believe about them. The media on GMOs is raising a great deal of social issues, and it is causing people to believe whatever they read or hear. The

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