Globalization Of The United States And Mexico Essay

1215 Words Dec 8th, 2016 5 Pages
Globalization came to be in a time of desperation and turmoil. Countries needed support to recover from grueling years of war. Although the diplomatic characteristics of globalization are beneficial to prevent war, there has been economic downfall and humanitarian crisis that results from globalization. These consequences such as, finance, investments, free trade financial consequences, unemployment, migration, and culture blending, can be illustrated in the social and economic relations of the United States and Mexico. From this model, globalization’s flaws will be exemplified, and for these reasons populist political movements are currently supporting the end of globalization in the near future. In terms of international finance, there is little evidence to support a claim that large countries investing in developing countries will benefit all parties. The reasoning is that developed nations can lend money to developing nations while they improve their industries. When this occurs, both private investor as well as the nations economy will benefit from the growing economy. Mexico is an important country to analyze in this paradigm, because it was the first developing country to enter into a free trade agreement. The various Mexican financial crises of the late 20th century proved how vulnerable this assumption, that economy will flourish in a developing nation, can be. In the 1980s Mexico was in need of investment to build infrastructure within the country, and American…

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