Immigration And Economy Essay

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The Immigration and Economy of the United States
Economic globalization is a tendency, and it can move goods, services, technologies, and capital to achieve the cross-border cooperation. The United States is one of the world’s great economic countries and also is a nation of immigrants. For centuries, a lot of people from all over the world have left their homelands to come to America, and they believe in American Dream and come to work for a better life. In the process of struggling for their own lives, they have contributed much to America, and they are also called immigrants. However, now the immigration is a very controversial issue in American, and the both presidential candidates also proposed a series of policies about the immigration.
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Immigrants not only bring the labor supply, but they can also increase the consumer demand for goods and services. Because of the greater demand for labor, it can lead more investment and job opportunities. In other words, the number of job opportunities in an economy is not constant, so American do not need to worry about their jobs to be taken by immigrants. On the other hand, immigrants can set up in innovative business and bring new job opportunities, and native citizens and immigrants generally complement each other rather than compete for the same job because they have different skill sets and are suitable for different types of jobs. There are some economists also agree the similar inference about immigrants, and their effects are positive for the U.S. economy. For example, Steven Gold reports that the U.S. economy needs advanced, innovative, and profitable sectors by educated immigrants work as scientists, technicians, economists, etc., and they “provide a considerable fraction of the human capital that allows American companies to function and generate good jobs” (409). To sum up, immigrants diversify the American labor market and contribute to economic …show more content…
economy: increasing the national taxes, expanding the job opportunities, and reducing the life burden. Immigrants may cause some short-term dislocations in the U.S. economy, but they cannot replace native-born workers or influence their life over the long-term. Economic instinct is to optimize resource allocation to achieve higher production efficiency, so economic globalization is inevitable phenomenon that causes the worldwide division of labor and collaboration. The U.S. government should not reject this global activity for a better economy, and it should properly utilize external resources because immigration itself is one of the most important global resources. Immigrants can bring a strong positive force in the economy and contribute in a lot of ways to economic growth, and they can also make America great

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