Compare And Contrast Irish And Ixican Immigration

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Irish and Mexican immigration is very alike in the fact that both groups shared similar types of struggles that caused people to migrate to the United States. Both groups of people experienced environmental, economic and political challenges (Adaptation and Assimilation, n.d.). The Irish experienced the Great Famine and extreme religious and political from the English in the 1700’s these were major factors that pushed people out of the country. In the 1800’s the Irish immigrated in mass to the United States during the first and second industrial revolutions seeking employment in the steal, oil and textile factories as well as the railroads as they were expanding (Irish Immigration to America, n.d.). The Mexicans were pushed out of the country by war during the Mexican revolution and by dictatorship governments. However, Mexicans were mostly allured to the United States by the hope for a better standard of living which included employment, especially during the World Wars, education and a stable government (Mexican Immigration n.d.).citizens living and working in Mexico while the United States was deporting illegal immigrants with the use of armed military forces. The working together increased and strengthened political relations between the U.S. and the Mexican governments. Operation Wetback also was an attempt to increase the standard for living for …show more content…
Health care and basic amenities for life were not being made readily available forcing families to steal or subjugate themselves to “debt-slavery” to have enough food. Illegally entering the United States also helped many families have enough income to provide food. The Mexican government did not create enough jobs with adequate income to support families which led to many families moving to the United States (Sergie, M.

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