Essay On Immigration And Globalization

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Since many immigrants migrate as a result of economic opportunity, it is important to analyze whether or not immigration poses a true alternative to the problems they are attempting to escape, or whether it generates new problems of its own. Unfortunately, literature seems to suggest that, while immigration into the first world removes the individuals from certain third world problems such as instability and health crises, it imposes different problems like segregation and discrimination. Debatably, these problems are more manageable and favorable to some immigrants. Globalization does not influence all segments of society in the same way, so it is unlikely that dissimilar circumstances will lead to similar results; however, there is a general …show more content…
In recent decades, the term globalization has surfaced as one of the primary terms used to describe the contemporary world. While globalization had the intentions of reducing spending, devaluing, intensifying the number of exports, privatizing state enterprises, and reducing wages, it has had many unforeseen consequences including increased immigration and migration and unprecedented economic disparity. Some would say that globalization was successful in its efforts to weaken national borders and create a global economy, however I argue that it has done just the opposite. It has removed third world countries from effectively participating in the world market and caused first world countries to become less welcoming of immigrants searching for a better life than the one globalization created for them. We can see just how detrimental globalization has been in third world countries by reviewing the statistics mentioned at the end of Section I and studying how first world nations have begun to close their doors to helping third world inhabitants for an issue they ultimately

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