Globalization Of Sheer And Its Effects On The World Essay

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Today, every aspect of our civilized world is connected. You can call, text, message, chat, and video chat family in New York when you 're visiting Melbourne, or you could be in Bolivia and friend someone on social media that lives in St. Petersburg. The technology that we have today allows us to stay in contact with the rest of the world 24/7. Because of our advanced and technologically connected world, a new issue has arisen in our world of communication and relationships with others. While it is easier to stay in contact and connect with others, an issue of “globalization of superficiality” has come to be a major part of our world and its people. First coined in 2010 by Father Adolfo Nicholas, SJ, the globalization of superficiality is used by him to describe the phenomena of globalization today, explaining:
“When one can access so much information so quickly and so painlessly; when one can express and publish to the world one’s reactions so immediately and so unthinkingly in one’s blogs or micro-blogs; when the latest opinion column from the New York Times or El Pais, or the newest viral video can be spread so quickly to people half a world away, shaping their perceptions and feelings, then the laborious, painstaking work of serious, critical thinking often gets short-circuited.
One can “cut-and-paste” without the need to think critically or write accurately or come to one’s own careful conclusions. When beautiful images from the merchants of consumer dreams flood…

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