Impact Of Symbolic Interactionism On Self Identity Essay

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Impact of Symbolic Interactionism on Self Identity As one interacts with the world, they are bound on change their behavior based on the meanings they give to the social interactions. The things that individuals perceive as reality are socially constructed because they are derived from the communications and interactions of individuals. In the past, the face-to face encounter was the main mode of communication that shaped the behavior of individuals. In the modern world, the impact of face-to-face encounters as not as much because there are other modes of communication where people interact. Medium such as the telephones, emails, messages and all forms of social media are responsible for the social constructions in the modern world. The symbols used in communication as one interacts with the world are what create reality. The actions that human beings do largely depend on the meanings they have for the particular actions. The symbols associated with the actions give meanings as one interacts with the society. These meanings are not constant as they can be modified but the modification is still through the interactive process. In their interactions, people can change certain meanings associated with actions by going through an interpretive process (Becker & McCall, 2009). The reflection on the consequences of a particular action can help in shaping one’s meaning about a certain action. The definitions that people develop on certain situations shape…

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