Essay on Globalization And Society : Foundations Of Ethical Behavior

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• Globalization and Society.
• Foundations of Ethical Behavior. o Relationship between economic systems, businesses and society, require a trust, built on social norms and ethical foundation in order to successfully cooperate. o Company and our employees must act responsibly and behave ethically wherever they go. o Management can and must determine company values and to which stakeholders they must adhere. o We must hire individuals who are willing to work in particular ethical environments and train them as necessary. (PG 404)
• Cultural and Legal Foundations of Ethical Behavior. o Cultural Foundations.
• As MNC with multiple locations worldwide, Mentor Graphics representatives should try to customize to cultural relativism within particular country of operations, unless it is interfering with legal or ethical foundations of company’s home country. (PG 407) o Legal Foundations.
• Corporate laws of the home country must be followed by all employees in addition to the legal laws of the country they operate in.(PG 408)
• Social Responsibilities and Social Activities. o Mentor Graphics is committed to environmental responsibility. o Sustainable use of Earth’s resources through reduction in pollution and waste, usage of appropriate energy resources and materials, protecting the native environment on all campuses. (Link1) o Mentor Graphics Foundation.
• One percent of yearly profits are donated to the communities within the company’s presence.
• Foundation has two…

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