Global Fiction : Climate Fiction Essay

1584 Words May 11th, 2016 7 Pages
A relatively new genre in cinema known as climate fiction has come into fruition ever since scientist have brought to our attention the occurrence of a human induced climate change. Climate fiction has been a hard film category to define, and an even harder genre to critique. A historical analysis of climate fiction is legitimate though the time period climate fiction in film covers is only 40 years. Its legitimacy spurs from climate fiction being a public response to a problem and also the fact that it drives others to make a societal change. This paper aims to identify what climate-fiction is and what examples embody its essence. By concluding on a discussion of what we can gain by studying climate fiction, I will have completed a historical analysis of climate fiction.
What is climate fiction? As a movie genre there are many ways to begin the analytic work needed to get a full understanding of climate fiction. Patterns and trends in climate fiction give us opportunities to look at it as if it were any other genre. Within climate fiction there are three sub-genres; disaster, apocalyptic, and dystopic that account for seventy percent of climate fiction film classifications .We continually see these three sub-genres portrayed throughout climate fiction films, in some cases potrayed so intensely that the film loses its scientific value. According to Susan Sontag, “fantasy served out in large rations by the popular arts”, is what saves us as society from banality and terror,…

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