Global Brand Face-Off Essay

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Dashawn Gumbs
ADV 330: Section: 731
Global Brand Face Off

The purpose of this memo is to provide strategic insight on how Espoir should go about taking its new branding initiative global. As well as the follow up course of actions that need to be set in place in order for it to be a success.
Background/Situation Analysis
One of the many key issues underlying a successful global launch for Espoir is the mixed reactions to a global campaign. Mazur head of Eastern Europe marketing wasn’t thrilled by the idea at all, while Dubois head of Europe marketing supportive about a global launch surround the upcoming Diana’s she Devils sequel movie seeing as thought rival competitor Revlon used the same strategy in the James Bond
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Discussion of Alternatives
I recommend Ed Johnson chairman and CEO of Espior get involved and explain to Mazur’s this isn’t just about him and Eastern Europe it’s much bigger than that. Also the models from Asia, South American, Europe in my opinion should represent traditional cultural colors as recommended at the same time represent some of the modern colors to appeal to the younger demographic and those interested in keeping up with the now. As far as websites go it’s best the overall designed be in a traditional North American web format since Espior is a North American brand. As far as budgeting is concerned the North Americas marketing head should handle some of the bills as mentioned two of the stars in she Devils have a core following in North America while the three other regions pitch in.
My reasoning for requesting Ed Johnson to step in is because, Mazur marketing head of Eastern Europe wasn’t willing to compromise nor come to some agreement with Natasha. Yes, he’s the best option when it comes to gaining insight on things such as consumer demographic makeup in the region and cultural trends but he’s not willing to give it a shot. With that being said Ed Johnson would have a better chance of convincing Mazur how big of an opportunity this is for everyone involved in this project. Not to mention the praise

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