Film Analysis: The 5, 000 Fingers Of Dr. T

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Production design is one of my favorite parts of film analysis. I love the meaning and symbolism behind even the smallest of detail; all of which help bring the film to life. In The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T, Directed by Roy Rowland, you can see the amazing effect of production design through the colors, architecture, and clothing; creating the theme “Do the unthinkable with the unthinkable”

The coloring in the movie was very bright and seemingly harsh to our eyes. It gave the world an almost glowing sort of effect. What was interesting though, was how the coloring helped illustrate the film. For example, when the main character Bart Collins, is in the real world, the coloring is very neutral and seemingly dull. But, the whole house seems to have a green hue in which creates this sick kind of feeling,
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Seuss will always provide the audience with some of the most amazing settings. In the film, you can see how the architecture comes in play to help the film be more visually amazing. For, example you can see how Bart’s house is so plain and very homely. There is a lot of floral accents providing a womanly touch to help emphasize the mother 's role in the home and also, every has a very round look to it. Very comforting and nice to look at. It makes you feel happy and easier to pay attention to the characters instead of the surroundings. Then, When Bart is in his dream land, everything is still very curved, but longer as if stretched and played with like a child 's mind. This could represent how imaginative Bart is. One scene that the architecture really stood out was when Bart was running around to find Dr. Terwilliker’s office in order to pay his “Pops”, The plumber, Mr. August Zabladowski. The signs that are placed around the building indicate literal meanings to every direction, implying the theme that you have to do the unthinkable if you want to get where you want, in this case, Bart using the pair of arms that had no sign to hide and get into the

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