Gloabal Perspeives Assments Essay

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Global Perspectives Assessment
Cassie Haubenhofer
University of Phoenix
Ronald Atler
December,15th 2014


* Collectively every nation’s criminal justice system struggles with impact in regards to globalization. However the United States impact of globalization seems to hold a subtle difference of impact due to our own policies, procedures, religious beliefs, constitution, and rank of governments. With that said, one of the concerns with globalization is in regard to illegal goods and activities brought into the country. The United States has continually fought terrorism, human trafficking, cyber-crimes, organized crime, money laundering, drugs, weapons, and illegal goods brought into the United States from
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46). Where these organization derive on conducting criminal activities on society it also benefits from the power and wealth it produces from its illegal activities. This is why many organized crime groups’ partner with businesses that could help expand their illegal production(s) nationwide. Organized crime groups cause a great deal of detriment to not only the United States, other nations struggle with these issues and have for decades.
Another example of organized crime was Colombia’s leader Pablo Escobar. He created numerous amounts of damage as he controlled over 80% of the cocaine shipped to the U.S. Unfortunately Pablo’s rise to drug lord and to infamy cost the lives of three Colombian presidential candidates, an attorney general, a justice minister, more than 200 judges, dozens of journalists and more than 1,000 police officers. the U.S. increased pressure on Colombia to extradite him. Using terror, Escobar tried to influence Colombian politics towards a no-extradition clause and to grant amnesty to drug barons in exchange for giving up the drug trade. His terror campaign claimed the lives of politicians, civil servants, journalists and ordinary citizens. It turned public opinion against him and caused a break-up of the alliance of drug traffickers. After one year in prison, where Escobar had sought refuge from assassins, followed by several

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