Glass Castle Analysis Essay

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The Glass Castle is an interesting book following the story of the young author Jeanette Walls. This book follows her during the time she spends with her dysfunctional family growing up. This books tittle is symbolic of the overall book in its whole, and takes up a large amount of the authors life in the process. The many different characters represent and really show why The Glass Castle was chosen as for the title of the book. With the many events and characters in the book it can be easily seen why she would choose the title for this book. This book has many reasons for explain both the meaning of the tittle and the reason which she choose the title that she did. The Glass Castle in the book represents much more than just a plan that …show more content…
This isn’t the largest or strongest reason why the title is named but it does hold some meaning for why the book is named that way. The Author chose this title for many reasons, because it really describes the multiple reasons behind why the family or maybe just Jeanette and Rex really wants to get a better life for the rest of the family. The want for the better life really is the fuel and the power that drives behind this book, it isn’t always seen but pretty much there through the course of the book. For this reason the Author chose the title, it really represents the overall theme and main ideas that going on throughout the entirety of the book. The want, dream, and need for the family to get a better life really pushes the book forward and shows really how the life was and how she experienced it. So for those reasons it is of a great possibility that she chose the title. The Glass Castle really is a book that really shows and has meaning behind, because of this it shows why the title actually was chosen and the meaning of the title overall in the story itself. Overall the story really come through between two major characters in the story Rex and Jeanette who really try to make the Glass Castle a reality though the book but with no avail, so the title of this book is a good title for the book the represents the book well and accurately to show the true meanings behind what the book really

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