Glademption In The Gladiator, By Ridley Scott

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“The Gladiator” (2000) Directed by Ridley Scott unfolds an enthralling movie that tells the story of Maximus Decimus Meridias an honorable Roman General who saved Rome through his sacrifices, obstacles, and transformation.

Maximus sacrificed dearly through his life, losing his family, title, and freedom. He left his wife and son on his land in Trujillo to command the Northern armies under Cesar Marcus Aurelius. He gave of nearly 3 years of his life away from his beloved family to serve his country. Then, after winning the battle and Germania, Cesar Marcus Aurelius asked Maximus to take over his empire when he passed, Maximus was torn between love for his country and love for his family is quiet life farming. Tragically, he never would have
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It was then that a slave trader found him and took him to Zucchabar, Africa selling him into slavery. A wealthy entertainer, named Antonious Proximo bought Maximus as a gladiator for rent. Maximus first resisted being a fighter but decided later that if he truly wishes to exact revenge on Commodus then he’d have to work within the lot life had provided. As supported in Vladimir’s review, “(Maximus) ends up as a gladiator, at the very bottom of society; and from this position, using all his brains and brawn, he plans to avenge himself and his family.”(2000) Giving in fully to being a slave and cooperating in the gladiator games, ultimately surrendering his freedom.

Maximus faced many obstacles within himself and with Commodus in an ancient battle of good versus evil. Inside himself, he struggled with lacking the will to live. Exacerbated by the knowledge that his actions caused the death of his wife and son the guilt weighed heavy. “Maximus debates whether or not to fight as a gladiator,” says Chang. He contemplated going to the gladiator arena and letting the first willing soul take his life so that he could be reunited in the afterlife with the loving embrace of his family. The only thought pushing him to fight for his life was his second
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3). Maximus embarrassed Commodus twice in the public arena, which only intensified the mutual conflict, but the mob loved his every move, effectively tying Commodus's hand from killing Maximus in fear of turning his people against him. This obstacle came to a peak when Commodus was betrayed by his sister as she helped Maximus escape north to gather his army and overthrow Commodus's reign. Sadly, Maximus was captured by Commodus army and brought back to the gladiator’s cells. This led to the resolution when comedies challenge Maximus to adore, tipping the scale in his favor when he stabbed the hero deep in his side. Nevertheless, Maximus summoned and all his “Virtues of courage and discipline” (Grout) to complete his revenge. Killing the wicked Emperor only to fall slain to his injuries, bleeding out on the Coliseum

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