Fall Of Rome And Roman Empire

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Throughout history, many empires experienced a rise and a fall. New advancements and figures of power would usually resulted in an upbringing of a new civilization. However, if economic and political aspects began to get out of hand, then this would typically result in the empire coming to an end. Two empires in particular that display similar traits were Rome and China.
The Roman civilization was a very powerful and demanding society. They believed heavily in war and conquering other societies. Several aspects began to lead to the rise of the Roman Empire. Rome started off by adopting Greek culture which gave a basis for their society and beliefs. The Greeks relied greatly on war as well, which was very complimentary to the romans beliefs.
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One Dynasty is particular that experienced this was the Qin Dynasty that took place within a time period of 221-206 B.C. The rise began as Rome’s did, with powerful leaders taking the chair of control. King Zheng conquered and unified all of the surrounding rival states around 221 B.C. Laws were then developed to ensure that citizens were behaving properly and following their commands. This was a classical period and adopted Confucius’ Analects. These Analects, or sayings, were the most reliable source for teaching. The five Chinese Classics were another example of written pieces that displayed Confucian Philosophy. Similar to Rome, new advancements began to create a positive outlook for the Chinese society. A new written Chinese language was formed, making it more efficient for citizens to communicate with each other. Trade began to drastically increase when the Silk Road was formed and the population skyrocketed. In 214 B.C., a 3000 mile protection barrier was created to keep out intruders invading from the north. This was known as the Great Wall of China and is still a huge monument today. Taxes began to be collected and male citizens began to be drafted for a Chinese defensive army. Unfortunately, the Qin Dynasty began to

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