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Impact Factor of Indian journals
Of the 47 Indian scientific journals that find place in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) on CD-ROM – 1999 Science Edition, Current Science tops the tally amongst Indian journals with an Impact Factor (IF) of 0.567. It is not only the most cited Indian Journal (1766 citations in 1999), but also the largest journal in terms of number of articles (464) published during 1999. The other end of the 1999 spectrum includes the Indian Journal of Agronomy (lowest IF, 0.032), IETE Journal of Research (least cited with 7 citations) and Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy (smallest journal in terms of number of articles, i.e. 6 during 1999). Specifically, only four journals received
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The coverage of Indian journals in the JCR on CD-ROM – 1995–1998 Science

Edition was as follows: 42 Indian journals out of a total of 4623 in 1995, 38 of 4779 in 1996, 37 of 4963 in 1997 and 51 of 5467 in 1998.


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A case for History and Philosophy of Science in Indian universities
Indian universities have failed to establish full-fledged departments of History and Philosophy of Science. Indians were the forerunners in the field of Astronomy and Mathematics. There are at least half a dozen centres of research in Europe and America, which specialize in oriental studies, but hardly any in Indian universities. What are the reasons for this neglect? We have a National Commission on History of Science to promote education and research in Indian universities. It was set up jointly by University Grants Commission (UGC) and Indian National Science Academy (INSA), New Delhi under the guidance of D. S. Kothari. A national workshop was held in September 1974 at INSA, New Delhi to prepare a draft proposal for implementation of History of Science programme in Indian universities. As a consequence, some half a dozen universities started teaching History of Science courses at various levels. The prominent among them were Delhi University, Aligarh Muslim

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