Girl Against The Universe: Maguire's Unlucky Life

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No matter how hard she tries, Maguire cannot break her bad luck streak. Whether it’s buying good luck charms off of the internet, or staying away from anyone she could cause harm to, she can’t avoid her awful luck. Paula Stokes’ Girl Against the Universe gives insight into Maguire’s unlucky life. Stokes is extremely capable of taking a series of unfortunate events and turning them into a coming of age story about young love, luck, and finding yourself. Girl Against the Universe has not yet won an award, however, Paula Stokes has acquired a great deal of praise for her work. Tamara Ireland Stone, a New York Times bestselling author said, “Filled with equal amounts of empathy, humour, and heart, Girl Against the Universe is an empowering story about finding the courage to piece your life back together, even when it feels irreparably broken.”

Set in San Diego, Girl Against the
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Paula Stokes created a beautiful piece of art about young love, mental health, and pushing through hard times with the help of friends, family, and therapy. This novel is important for teens, especially, to read because of the tough topic of mental health. Stokes’ shows you that it is okay to ask for help in desperate times, and how mental health can affect the young mind. Mental health awareness is critical to understand because of how it is incorporated into our day to day lives of this generation, and this book can help reduce the ignorance that surrounds the topic. So many teens are looking for an escape, and reading this book can allow them to realize they are not alone in their struggle and they can get help.

Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes is an incredibly well thought out story with an eye-opening view on mental health. I would recommend to anybody who enjoys young love, complex story lines, or a good read that tugs on all of your

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