King Messiah Essay On Revelation

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For the follower of King Messiah there comes some many forthright questions which need to be answered in the regards of revelation of the Bible, how the Bible was inspired,and what is the authority of the Bible. In other words: is the Bible speaking to me? How do I know the Bible is not just another document? Why should this old book have authority over me? These are valid questions which many believers today take for granted. Yet, the importance of these questions infect the life of the follower of King Messiah in ways which may be difficult to grasp.

What is revelation? I thought revelation was the last book of the Bible, you mean it is more? Revelation is how does or even can an almighty and unlimited being reveal itself to a less than
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Examples of this would be people like Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Krishna, Joseph Smith, and others. The Buddha and Confucius would be a combination of a person figuring it out on their own and then codifying the results in written form. These people, or their followers, start a new religion and allow for a special revelation. While these differing religions seem contradictory and similar in other aspects. Most people believe and teach it is bad to steal, dishonor parents, and murder babies for pleasure so it would not be unusual to find these in these religions. The question is: is there a real difference between this group of people in special revelation? Can any of them be special revelation from a god-being?

There are two differing groups in this basic list. First, Buddha and Confucius never claimed to have special revelation. The Buddha showed the way to enlightenment saying it was not the priests. The Buddha went so far as to teach there are no god-beings. Confucius taught a moral code that emphasized government authority and right living. Both of these are eliminated from special revelation, they are nearly commenting on general revelation. What about the

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