Argumentative Essay: The Gift Of Gay Marriage

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The Gift of Marriage
America is the land of the free and has been since its creation. Throughout its history many people have gone through persecution, from women to race, there has always been persecution in one way or another. The problem we are faced with today is the persecution the homosexual community is facing today. The homosexual community has gained the right to be married, but many people are still in opposition to this, and many people still discriminate against and violate the rights of the homosexual members of our society. There are many reasons that same-sex marriage is allowed; banning gay marriage increases teen suicide, persecution is never the right thing to do, banning gay marriage is against the First Amendment, everyone
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Aside from the fact that there is no proof to back up their argument, this is invalid regardless. In a random survey that was conducted it was found that six out of ten people believe that being gay is a choice, and that one is not born that way. This is an argument that seems to be common, “Does it really matter whether being gay is a choice? If one could choose one’s race, would that suddenly make racism legitimate? I would hope not” (The Huffington Post). The argument that being gay is a choice is completely irrelevant. Even if it were true, and being gay is a choice, would it then be appropriate to prosecute people for their own personal choices? Persecution is never the right thing to do, and regardless if being gay is a choice or not there still needs to be more acceptance for everyone.
Banning gay marriage is in violation of the First Amendment 's establishment clause that requires that government “shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” (US Const. Amend. I). This clause requires that laws must not be based from religious standpoints, and that they stand must alone with no religious backing. People commonly try to make their own religious standpoints become rule for everyone. Society can have whatever opinion they want, but it is unconstitutional to try to make decisions from your own religious

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