Gerrymandering Debate

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Ever wonder why it feels like your vote does not count? The answer can be summed up with one simple word: gerrymandering. But what exactly is gerrymandering? In a nutshell, it is altering the way your votes are added up to affect how the results look at the end of the day. Gerrymandering uses this to wrongly affect how the House of Representatives looks and is therefore destroying our democracy.
Here is how it is done. In most states, the state legislature is the one in control of redistricting. Every 10 years, they get census data and use it to decide how to divide the state. It is not required for the state to redistrict, but most do. Government requires that the districts drawn must have an almost equal population and must not discriminate
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The external party designing these districts should again be unassociated with politics and understand the most efficient and representative way to divide states into well crafted districts. They should know that the districts must still follow the laws set in place to design them. By doing so, we could make sensibly shaped districts. Voting could then be counted as an actually representing vote. This removes problems with oddly shaped districts and discrimination through gerrymandering. If the American population votes for a republican majority, then it will remain that way, but now if the states vote for democratic representatives, they will rightfully get them. This can potentially end gerrymandering destroying our democracy unjustly. It will remove corruption of the voting system and make votes matter more. It will help restore faith in the government and make voters feel like they are making positive changes in their country to make it a better place and are helping improve the government system. Some states with gerrymandering problems have already done this. In California, Proposition 20 stripped the state legislature of the power to redistrict their state, causing them to be properly shaped. The Democratic party was able to retake the majority in their state with the help of

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