Essay on Germany 's Second World War II

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Germany’s Possible Victory in World War 2 In 1933, Adolf Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany and the Nazi political party came to power. No one at the time could have ever thought in their wildest imaginations that just 12 years later that he would commit suicide in his bunker under the Reichstag while the Red Army closed in around him; but unlike many people think, the events that lead to the Nazi’s defeat in World War 2 were not set in stone from the beginning and had it not been for Hitler himself, things could have gone in the Germans favor. It is my strong conviction that if the Nazi’s had made different decisions during the war. While there are many points and events that if changed could have made an impact on the war, I will focus on the Germans lack of jet aircraft in the late war period as well as the lack of heavy four engine bombers at the beginning of the war, and Hitler’s military decisions throughout the war. I myself have long researched this debated subject as it is a great interest of mine. I believe it is important to glance at alternative history because it shows that it takes only a few events to change the world as we know it. Starting at the beginning of the war, I will go in chronological order of things that Hitler could have done in order to win the war. The development of heavy bombers began in the new German air force, the Luftwaffe, with a man by the name of Walther Wever. He was a general in the organization and was the main advocate…

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