Essay on George Orwell 's Dystopian Society

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When a nation is unbalanced and their government wants to make the nation great again, the leader usually changes something. Adolf Hitler wanted to change Germany thinking it would be a better place, but soon the choices he made for the nation resulted in a dystopian society. To support, a dystopian society is an unbalanced nation that is caused by the government’s choices; Adolf Hitler controlled the German government which caused dystopia by the changes he made in Nazi Germany. If a person is going to observe a dystopian society they have to analyze the leader’s decisions, the impacts the leader’s decisions made, and how genres of literature can be used as a form of education on dystopian society with other generations.
To begin with, the dark times of Nazi Germany was when Adolf Hitler came into power and took control. When Adolf Hitler he took over Germany in 1934, he told the Germans they had to resist the Jews, and he would make Germany an empire. When Hitler came into power, he and the other Nazi leaders believed that Jews were not a race. Also, the Nazi anti-Jewish society removed the Jews from their rights and property while they severely injured them. “Nazi anti-Jewish policy functioned on two primary levels: legal measures to expel the Jews from society and strip them of their rights and property while simultaneously engaging in campaigns of incitement, abuse, terror and violence of varying proportions. There was one goal: to make the Jews leave Germany.”…

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