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Geography Assignment | Year 8
Year 8 | Geography Assignment- Globalisation of sport. Due: 7 March 2013 | Globalisation of sport |

A. When and where did the game originate?
Basketball was first invented in 1891. But the first formal rules were devised in 1982. Basketball was first originated in America at a school called Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) by a group of boys. B. When and where the game was first played in Australia?
The game was first played in 1905. It was first played also at YMCA but in Melbourne. C. How is this sport played? What are the basic rules?
The game is played with a round ball and two teams with five players each. (Two guards, two forwards, and a centre.)
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F.For your sport list five Australia players who play overseas and who they play for, and five overseas players who play in Australia and who they play for. Present this information in a table.
Five Australian players who play overseas: Players Name | Who they play for | Nathan Smith | Dalhousie (CIS) | Benjamin Ireland | Lemvig (1st Division) | Jim Todd | Southland S (NBL) | Matt Neilsen | Khimky (PBL) | Rhys Carter | Uppsala (Basketligan) |
Overseas players playing in Australia: Players Name | Who they play for | Sam Belt | Ringwood H | Ryan Bright | Albury W.B | Jamal Brown | Hume City | Adam Ballinger | Tigers | Ben Beran | Lakeside L |

G.Find the website for the organisation that selects the Australian team in this sport and governs the playing of the sport in Australia. * Who sponsors our national team * What products they make or sell * Who is the target market for these products (who they are trying to sell to) * Where are these products made
Present your findings in a table. Sponsor | Products they make/sell | The target for the products | Where the products are made | Australian sports commission | Spalding accessories | The target is for the fans and the people who are looking through the website | The products are made in Australia. | Jayco | Boomers accessories and clothes | | | Department of Immigration and Citizenship | Pack of five signed PI | | | Tackling Binge drinking | Opals

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